2 Clean Auto Detailing, Inc.
2 Clean Auto Detailing, Inc. 2 Clean Auto Detailing, Inc.

We all love our cars.  It makes us feel great when our cars are new and looking their best.  However, no matter how careful we are, our vehicles are subjected to all sorts of abuses including the sun, dirt, and smog, all of which can negatively affect their finish and appearance.  It is possible, though, to keep your car looking great, and our professional staff stands ready to help.

When you wash your car, you clean off all the dirt, oil and grime from your paint.  While this is a good thing to do, it leaves your car's finish vulnerable to damage by many environmental factors.  Even brand new cars are unprotected and subject to deterioration of the finish the second you take delivery.

The solution is to be sure to protect your car's exterior from damage through the application of protective wax.  Wax that you might buy at the local automotive store is okay, but for this do-it-yourself wax to be truly effective, it must be re-applied about every other time you wash your car.  Who has time for THAT?!

An important reason to turn to us to detail your car is that we use professional-grade wax that provides protection lasting up to 6 months. When you wash your car after detailing, you will notice that even soapy water beads off your car's exterior. This effect tells you that your paint is protected and that any of the unavoidable environmental damage is happening to the wax and not your paint.

At 2 Clean Auto Detailing, we have a courteous staff that knows how to bring out your car's best finish possible and provide lasting protection regardless of your vehicle's current condition. Getting the appearance and protection your car needs is easy and affordable.... Just trust the professionals at 2 Clean Auto Detailing to do it right!