2 Clean Auto Detailing, Inc.
2 Clean Auto Detailing, Inc. 2 Clean Auto Detailing, Inc.

 In fact, better than awesome...

"Thanks again for an AWESOME job!  In fact, better than awesome job."

- Dan Dennis                   View entire letter


 Your team did an excellent job...

"Thank you Stevie, your team did an excellent job, and I KNOW how dirty my Jeep was...  Excellent Work!"

- Shawn Smith                   View entire letter


 Thank you for excellent work...

"Thank you for excellent work on the Honda & Jeep.  Appreciated your dropping the Jeep off at the house."

- Leanna Hacker                   View entire letter


 Work was outstanding...

"I am sending this letter to let you know that the work you performed ... was outstanding.  I could not have been more pleased..."

- Fred Essex                  View entire letter


 GOD bless each of you...

"My car and I are much better, thanks to U, Stevie and the 2 Mean/2 clean Staff...  GOD bless each of you."

- Thelma C. Moore                  View entire letter


 My 5 year old car looks great...

"The car was done very well.  The car looked brand new by the time 2 Clean had finished with it.... Stevie Burke was very nice and courteous."

- Andrea Howe                  View entire letter


 You did a great job......

"You did a great job.  My husband said he's never seen my car look so good (you have to understand, he is the neat freak and I am the slob)..."

- Debbie Pow                  View entire letter


 I was very pleased...

"I was very pleased with the service I received.  You all did a wonderful job!  My Jeep never looked better!..."

- Connie Ohm                  View entire letter


 It is a rare quality...

"It is a rare quality in a company these days to value its customer service so highly.  I would like to commend you for your outstanding service..."

- Patty Jeney                  View entire letter


 It looks brand new!

"We brought our Durango in last week to have it detailed...  You all did an excellent job.  It looks brand new."

- Linda Rafferty                  View entire letter


 Drivers think they have new vehicles...

"The clean up of the 2 trucks was fabulous, drivers think they have new vehicles...  Hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving."

- Richard Fossett                  View entire letter